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Visa by Categories

Work and Visit (Family Connection)

단기방문 (C-3) 정보
Eligible applicants or activities allowed
  • Overseas Korean aged 25 or older with foreign nationality defined in the 「Act on Immigration and Legal Status of Overseas Koreans」 who is applied to any of the followings:
    1. A person who was Korean at the time of birth and has a Certificate of Family Registry, Certificate of Removal from Family Registry or closed Register
    2. A person with a parent or grandparent who had nationality of Korea
    3. A person who is invited by a Korean with a local address of residence in ROK, or a permanent resident(F-5-7) met the naturalization requirements defined in「Nationality Act」to be granted with the permanent residency (an inviting person and invitee must be in kinship closer than eighth degree if the two are related by the same ancestors, or closer than fourth degree if the two are related by marriage.)
    4. A person of distinguished service to ROK and his/her (bereaved) family in accordance with the 「Act on the Honorable Treatment and Support of Persons, etc. of Distinguished Services to The State 」or 'a person of distinguished services to Independence, and his/her (bereaved) family' in accordance with the 「Act on the Honorable Treatment of Persons of Distinguished Service to Independence」
    5. A person who has made a remarkable contribution to ROK, or who engaged in the promotion of national interests of ROK
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