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Do you want to enter Korea on a "Work and Visit" visa? What is the H-2 Work and Visit Visa Lottery?
  • The Work and Visit visa lottery is a government program that accepts H-2 Work and Visit visa applications in advance from Korean-Chinese who fall under Article 2(2) and 3 of the Act on the Immigration and Legal Status of Overseas Koreans and are willing to come to Korea for employment and visit.

  • However, applying-in-advance does not guarantee the immediate issuance of an entry visa - In fact, all applications are entered into a computer that randomly selects the applicants who are accepted. Therefore, the computerized lottery is held only when there is a need to fill the H-2 visa quota, especially when some of the existing H-2 visa holders leave Korea.

  • The total quota assigned to the H-2 Work and Visit visa is 303,000. Those selected for employment and visit will be issued H-2 visas, while others selected for technical training will be issued C-3 Short-Term General visas which can be later changed to H-2 visas upon the completion of 6-week-technical-training.

  • Applications for the H-2 Work and Visit lottery are accepted twice a year during the application periods.

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